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Thank you for considering Kevin McCarthy for your wedding!

He's the perfect choice if you want your wedding to be many things!

Fun, Memorable, Unique, Personalized, and Classy!


Kevin's Weddings - Personalized & Attention to Detail!

Here's some more information!

    1. Personalized Wedding! - 1-2 hour meeting 1 month in advance with couple. 

Comprehensive Outline - 6 page outline Kevin has developed for couples which goes over all intros, details, etc.

Relax and Enjoy Your Personalized Wedding! - Kevin spends 2-3 hours of preparation time after your meeting. He outlines a personalized setlist of every song, every introduction, and every detail for your wedding.

Communication - Kevin understands that occasionally changes do happen last minute. Kevin is flexible and is very accessable - call, e-mail, live chat anytime right up to, and including, your wedding day!

Day of Wedding - Day of wedding usually involves 10-12 hours of time. Load in usually 1 - 2 hours before start time & do full sound check. Full PA and lights provided and loaded in & out - including the state-of-the-art Bose PA system for extra clarity and increased sound quality -

    6. BACKUPS!  Kevin has backups of PA system, computers, music, microphones, etc. ON-HAND at your wedding! Kevin has all of this on-hand in case of a problem. This is your big day and Kevin doesn't want to take a chance that you won't have music because something breaks!...if you are considering another band or DJ, ask them if they bring a backup PA, computers, music etc. to your wedding - in case a speaker or power amp breaks or water is spilled on their stuff...you will find very few others have backups of everything on hand.

Continuous Music - Weddings usually last 4-8 hours - "I can provide continuous non-stop music for cocktails, introductions, dinner, specific dances, and dancing for the night. Playing the right song at the right time for each event is the key and literally during every song I am making decisions on what the next song(s) should be. Also, the amount I play / DJ is different for every event depending on what you are looking for!".

Always Professional - professionally dressed, and courteous in handling requests and problems that may arise...Kevin has  played at almost every country club, reception hall, etc in WNY without incident. While its hard to gauge how much fun it will be ahead of time, I can say that I will do all I can it make it fun for all...

   9. Fully Insured and a Member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers - the largest of it's kind in North America.


Yikes!  - There's a lot of info here, but this is big decision! With everything Kevin does for weddings,  you'll be hard press to find someone who works harder for you!

1. Call or e-mail Kevin to discuss your wedding (716) 472-7700 - songs@kevinsmccarthy.com or click here - HOW TO BOOK KEVIN!

2. Click around his website - you'll find pictures, testimonials, show description...etc...

3. Click Here - Explain Kevin's Show - For more information on his shows...& compare his show to that of a band and/or a DJ...



A Note From Kevin

"Thanks so much for considering me! I will do all I can to make your wedding to very best it can be!

What people really like about my approach to weddings is that I am very thorough, work hard to personalize each event I do, and do all I can to  make it unique and fun.

Also, people like the fact that I bring both the benefits of a band and a DJ.

The biggest challenge at weddings is - out of all the shows I do - it's the widest range of people, age, music tastes, etc... it's not easy to make everyone happy, but there are specific things I've learned ----  "tricks" I've developed along the way ---- to make it fun for those young and old and of various music tastes.

Couples have liked the uniqueness of my show (it's not the same old wedding!), the  prep work I do, the variety I can play, the continuous music, the fact  that they can choose what they want and don't want, my experience, my  interaction with the crowd, etc...

Since the music  can make or break the wedding, I spend a good amount of prep time -  doing all I can to make it different & personalized - people who hire me don't want the same-ol blah that weddings can be!

Also, I do all I can ahead of time for couples so they can enjoy the night knowing going in they are getting exactly what they want for their wedding. I do my very best to make sure its a great time for all.

This is not a part-time hobby, this is my full-time career & how I support my wife & 3 children. I'm incredibly grateful for each show & take great pride in each performance. I will do all I can to make your night amazing!

Please feel free to contact me anytime during the entire process! Thanks again!"

- Kevin




Yikes! - There's a lot of info here, but this is big decision. With everything Kevin does for weddings, you'll be hard press to find someone who works harder to make sure your night a blast for you, your families & friends, & all involved!


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Questions? e-mail Kevin - songs@kevinsmccarthy.com or call him direct (716) 472-7700