How To Book Kevin

Thank you very much for your interest in having Kevin for your next event!

You can now easily book Kevin online and lock in your date in just a few clicks!

Here are a few easy, step-by-step instructions…

1. Scroll Down this page to the Booking Form and choose the type of event.

2. Fill out the information and get a free, INSTANT, no-obligation price quote.

3. If you are interested in locking it in, you can click on Book Online then click on Make Payment to make the deposit.

4. You will then receive an e-mail with the Event Agreement – please return that to Kevin as instructed in the e-mail.

5. Once the Event Agreement and Deposit are both received your event is locked in!

6. Check as often as you like and there is always no obligation and only book if / when you are ready!

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This is how to check Kevin’s availability and for an Instant Price Quote!

It’s quick, free, and there is no obligation!

Only 2 Things Needed To Lock In Your Date!

  • Event Agreement – If you would like to lock in the date, click Book Online.

  • Deposit – Click on Make Payment when you fill out your instant quote.

Please note that after filling out form, you will receive e-mails from Kevin will be booking this directly with you but he is part of Event Legends –  This is WNY’s largest event professional booking and referral service if you need anything else for your event.

If you would like to make a payment either deposit or final payment, please click below.

What’s included in the price quote and are there additional costs?

Included in the price!

  • Load in & set up of equipment.

  • Breakdown & load out of equipment.

  • PA (Sound system for the music)… (high-end PA – Kevin brings 3 to 4x the cost of normal DJ setup.)

  • Wireless mic for announcements (if the event calls for that).

  • Continuous live & DJ music for entire event – unless there is part of the agreed event time where you don’t want music.

  • Live Music and DJ music throughout agreed time depending on your details.

  • Requests – he is happy to take requests from you and guests. He tailors the music to your tastes and personalize each event he does!

  • Insurance & Associations – he is fully insured and a member in good standing with the National Association of Mobile Entertainers since 2005.

  • Lights – New Regular color LED lights and lights for stage area if needed.

  • For weddings – the meeting a few weeks prior to finalize details either in person or by phone is included the price.

  • For Weddings – personalized, online, event planning that is password-protected – 24-7 access – couples love this as way to save lots of time and allows Kevin to further personalize your event.

  • For Weddings – personalized outline of the entire night including your requests

In general, things he normally does and has for most events are all included in one price!

Possible Additional Costs

  • Travel – Additional cost depending on many factors, however there is no travel charge for shows with the radius of Buffalo, NY and includes suburbs, Williamsville, Clarence, Orchard Park, Alden, South Buffalo, Lockport, and also includes Niagara Falls.

  • Travel to Canada – Due to the increased travel time and wait at the border, Kevin normally charges for going over the border as well as distances through the Canada.

  • Travel Cost, Availability, Lodging and Does he travel out of state? – Cost depends on number of miles, amount of time etc. In the past few years, Kevin has performed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Southern Indiana, etc…. so he does travel out of his home state…but his availability may be limited depending on many factors. Normal lodging and travel expenses usually apply – nothing fancy needed – national hotel chain is fine.

  • For Weddings – For reception prices – Ceremonies and moving equipment to different locations throughout the night are both not included in the price normally.

  • For Weddings – It’s rare, but if he needs to learn new songs he doesn’t currently perform, there may be an extra charge due to the amount of time.

  • Light Show – Normally LED lights are included but if you want the extra light show that is an extra cost… The light show is extra LED laser lights used to enhance the dance floor or used for special events. He has found that for most weddings, normal lights is what most couples want and they don’t need or want the light show (that is completely fine!)… Kevin does offer it, however for those who do want it.

  • Extras – Over the years Kevin has had a few situations where people needed / wanted extra things. Please let him know if there is anything special or extra you want for your event. He is happy to do all he can accommodate requests.