“Thanks to you I am living my dream!”

“Going through the almost 20 years of pictures (over 5000!) and choosing a few was a blast! Wow, so many great times….this is an amazing ride! How do I begin to thank all the people who have make this possible! To everyone who supports me and the show, I am so incredibly grateful! I’m living my dream and yet I can’t do it without a ton of support. Continued thanks for everything and here’s to many more years of fun!” – Kevin

Playing solo at Thursday at the Square! Buffalo, NY

Jamming with Mark Matejka, lead guitar player of Lynyrd Skynyrd

Opening for Rock Legend – Rick Springfield at UB Stadium

Performing in Ireland! – a life-long dream tour 2018!

Thursday at the Square


Wow, this was a huge thrill!
jammin’ with one of my all-time idols!
#11 Buffalo Sabres NHL Hall of Famer – Gilbert Perreault!


The night of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Induction! at the Tralf.
My sisters Eileen, Kathleen – Brothers Joe & Terry – my wife, Natalie, & Mom

Here’s my brother Paul! (not in picture to the left)

Me and my Dad in Florida!

The love of my life, Natalie McCarthy surprises me with cake on my birthday at a show!

The night of my first Top Solo Artist Award – What a PARTY! My friends added the yellow paper to my sign!

Natalie and I have three wonderful kids…they are growing up so fast!

I wrote a song for Shea called “Precious Moment of Time” and performed it on AM Buffalo WKWB – ABC – as part of the promotion for First Night Buffalo maidthis. They asked Shea to sit on the couch and I sang it to her on live TV! Here’s Shea & Linda Pellegrino right before the airing of the show!

My Dad & Me!

ANNUAL SKATING PARTY! – For Friends & Family – a small way to say a big thanks!

McCarthyizm Reunion at Nietzsches – August 2010!

Bat Cave Studio – My Dream Studio!

This is my office!

It’s where I do my backing tracks, original recordings and jam with my kids & friends!

The Wonder Years!

Long Beach, CA on Lake Erie, one of my favorite places..one of our yearly trips – great memories as a kid making a fire on the beach and playing all night. I hear the waves, smell the fire, and remember these sing-alongs with families and friends like it was yesterday!

This is going back a few years!

My First Rock Band – OUTLET – 1985!

One of the biggest moment in my music life, rocking out our talent show as a sophomore in high school for over 1000 people. Yeah, that’s me – lead singer in the shades!


Kevin plays in 20 degree weather
This was officially the coldest show I’ve done! It was at Kissing Bridge OUTSIDE in February, I had a space heater that I had to use in between songs for my hands! I’ve since played 4 shows outside in the winter out there!

Call me crazy, but I’ll be honest, I would rather play on the Royal Caribbean!
This was the boat I performed on! It started out of Miami…it was amazing! It’s slightly warmer!

My good friends Jonny & Jessica – The wedding I played in the Bahamas! It was incredible! I played the reception. My wife and I had an amazing time!

As part of the Outfitter Tour – Opening for Rock Legend Dave Mason at Seven Springs in West Virginia!

Natalie & I before my show at the new Chicago, IL Convention Center!

The Outfitter Tour – Downtown Cleveland, OH!

My good friend Jordan brought me to Greenwich, CT for a few parties! Good times!

Party at the Beach!

This was the CD Cover of my first solo CD – “High On You” on the T-Shirt!

Over the summer – Kevin on the cover of the Downtowner – This is a new paper in Buffalo and so you know Kevin’s the “dog” with the guitar!

Some of my closest friends I have met because of the show…


Scott Lambrecht has help me a TON over the years – not only has he helped moving equipment almost every show, he has also taken many of the pictures for the last 6 years…
Thanks Scott – hey, you up for Steak & Eggs! He’s a good sax player, too!

Jeff Conrad, John Wayne & Me with an Eric Moulds jersey…
This is during the infamous ERIC MOULDS RAP!
“Somebody say – PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT!”


For 4 years I traveled the Eastern USA with the Labatt Outfitter Tour – it was awesome!

The Gordon brothers and Bernie – back in the day, now I play monthly at their bar! – Gordon’s on Delaware!

Sooo many great memories at Mr. Goodbar – Every Thursday for over 10 years – It ROCKED!

Thanks to Margaret for all your help over the years!

Thanks to Tom Brown and all of those who record backing tracks for my show! I’m grateful to have the BEST musicians help me with the show!

YES, that’s me! An Irish Dancer for Halloween!!! with Natalie.

THEY ALL DRESSED UP LIKE ME – I didn’t know if I should cry or be honored – well, I think it was a little of both! I told them all “HEY, YOU NEVER LOOKED BETTER!” haha!

More Friends Pictures!

MTV REAL WORLD SHOWS UP FILMS at a Thursday at Goodbar! It was the now-famous Fan Appreciation Night where I handed out the blue cups and gave-away a ton of stuff!

John Haumesser jammin’ along again!

Close Friends & Great Memories!

Thanks to the entire Labatt Blue Crew on tour especially Jim Day, Michelle, Nate, John, Steve Deighton, Doug Smith – the Blue Crew!

The Dedarios & Gordons

Congressman Brian Higgins sings with me at the Buffalo Irish Center

The Gordon’s Baptism

Mom, Aiden, Sean, Natalie

The Froghair with friends from Batavia Downs Casino & The World Famous Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival

Save A Horse – Ride A Geno!

Rick & Dave “Norm!”

Gregg Sansone sits in at the BIC!

Grant Michaels & Geno Gordon!

Michael Krisch

Glenn Colton at my show on the roof of the Outfitter Tour!

McCarthyizm Days! Brother Joe & I started the group a LONG time ago!

The Variety Club Telethon We performed live & made a video for the song “Teething”.

We give away tons of stuff at the shows thanks to all sponsors!

This guys was so excited he won this bike, he rode it all over the bar!

The House of Quinn Crew!

Special Thanks to Dom from Goodbar for believing in me!

Opening Night at Darcy McGee’s in Downtown Buffalo!

Mom throws T-Shirts into the crowd – this was when I played on the second level over looking patio! That’s guitar legend Tony Scozzoro jammin with me on the roof with us!

More Great Pictures From Over The Years!

It’s great when family comes out to the show – here’s the Bauers!

Love the sing-along vibe!

KevinStock – As friends call it – For years, every week in Allegany State Park in Western New York, I would play for the park and our friends and family would stay with or close to us!

Artist in Residence at Alleghany State Park! This is a blast – a full week of shows and the outdoors! See you all in 2011!

Friends & Family Visits!

Shea does face-painting!

The Next Generation!





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Good Shirt!

Good Times & One Thankful & Grateful Musician!