Wedding – September 2010

Park Country Club

Letter From the Bride!

(Her picture is at the top)

In September,  Kevin performed for a 7-hour wedding at the Park Country Club for a couple who had never seen his wedding show. Here’s the letter he  received from Mrs. Hege Ulbrich after she got home from her honeymoon…

“Hi Kevin! We are back from an amazing honeymoon in Bali and are still floating!

Just wanted to thank you again for your phenomenal performance at our  wedding!!! Everyone had such a great time and the party was definitely  “on” the entire night! There are a ton of photos on facebook posted by  friends and family if you’d like to see I just sent you a friend  request.

I still can’t get over the fact that you actually learned to sing and  play “Idyll”! That was amazing and you definitely made a strong  impression on all the Norwegians! THANK YOU so much, you truly went  above and beyond and we are so happy and satisfied with everything. It  was a perfect evening and everyone enjoyed themselves even our parents were rocking out on the dance floor the whole night!

The feedback from friends and family have been overwhelmingly positive: “best wedding ever”, “wedding of the year”, “epic night”, “fairytale  wedding”, “most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding”…and that is exactly how we feel, too! Tusen Takk!!! Best, Hege”

Mrs. Hege Ulbrich  – the bride!


Wedding – July 2008

Wanaka Country Club

Letter From The Bride

“Nick and I  just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed we were by your performance at our wedding! We couldn’t believe how many people were out on the dance floor the whole night – it was all anyone could talk about, and we were asked over and over, “Where did you find this guy?!” Our guests absolutely loved the music and so did we. It really made our wedding unforgettable, and Nick and I had a BLAST dancing!

We were blown away by your excellent and well-planned performance; you completely exceeded our expectations. We will recommend you in a heartbeat to anyone who wants their wedding or special event to be a fantastic night that they and all their guests will remember. The best part for us was not having to worry about the music selections or that people wouldn’t dance – the entire music delivery was seamless, classy, and tons of fun! Thank you again for everything. We hope you’ll stay in touch, and maybe see you playing again soon! The next time we plan an event, you’ll be the first call we make!”

Nick & Shelia Tober – Wedding July 2008


Wedding – February 2010

Holiday Inn

Letter From Brides Parents

Dear Kevin, Diane and I wanted thank you again for the outstanding job you did at our daughter’s wedding. Your professionalism was second to none, and your attention to detail, ability to read the crowd, and select appropriate music on demand was amazing. Many of our friends from both the Buffalo area and Canada, have asked for your contact information as they were completely blown away by your performance.  I am sure you get praises from many but we just wanted to add our comments.  Thank you again,”

John & Diane Colsanti     (Parents of the bride)

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Why choose Kevin for your wedding?

1. Unique – Set your wedding apart with both – Live Performance & DJ Music! for a unique, dynamic, and fun party with continuous music throughout the entire night! “No Kevin, No Party, Know Kevin, Know Party!”.

2. Experience – With, over 20 years of wedding experience, he’s performed 1000’s of shows over the years throughout the USA & Canada! He has performed at wedding receptions not only in Western New York, but also in major cities throughout the country from Michigan to the Bahamas! He’s performed for just about every type of wedding you can imagine – from back yard parties, to high-end country clubs, to an amazing wedding cruise in the Caribbean!

3. State-of-the-Art – Kevin show utilizes the latest technology for your wedding – (see below)!  No one offers more state-of-the-art features! 

4. Personalized – Each wedding is personalized to your likes & tastes. No one offers a  more comprehensive, private on-line planning area you can access 24/7.  Kevin meets with you in person about a month prior to go over all details.

5. Fun Party For All! – With such a wide-variety of ages and musical tastes, Kevin has  developed a number of “tricks” & techniques to ensure your wedding  is enjoyed by all both young & old.

The main keys are the “FLOW” of night & playing the right songs at the right times. Even with everything planned well in advance, using his experience & your requests, he is continuously making decisions the night of your wedding to keep the party going all night!

6. Cheese – Your Do Not Playlist – To some couples, what they don’t want is just as important as what they do want – so your “Do Not Playlist” is just as important as your  “Playlist”!

Kevin show is a PARTY! & with such a wide-variety of party songs he perform and plays, he does not have to rely on the same tired, over-played, “cheesey” songs heard at every other wedding. That said, the bottom line is – Kevin will play songs you want & won’t play songs you don’t want!

7. Accessible – This is Kevin’s full-time career – not a part-time hobby! Kevin appreciates  every show and he’s accessible anytime for questions…

Kevin’s Direct Line –  (716) 472-7700 – Call during the day up to 9pm or Text 24/7

Kevin’s e-mail 24/7 – 

8. Reasonable Price! – Offering so much more than a DJ or wedding band, Kevin’s price is about the same or slightly higher than your average DJ. He’s also MUCH LESS than the  cost of a wedding band.

9. Compared to a DJ / Band – Kevin offers much more than DJ/Bands! Many people feel Kevin is the best of both worlds – excitement and interaction of a live band (and yes MUCH LESS expensive!) with the flexibility and volume control of a DJ!

Click On EXPLAIN KEVIN’S SHOWS! for more details on why Kevin is a better choice than a band or a DJ!

Kevin is a full-time, professional entertainer. He’s was inducted to the  Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2009. He’s fully insured and is a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers. He performs for wedding, rehearsal dinners, wedding ceremonies, wedding picnics, family  parties, & many others!

10. Complete – Everything is included in the price – The on-line planning, your meeting, your personalized outline, and setlist, his entire state-of-the-art PA  system, and LED light show, etc. He will perform live, DJ, MC your entire night.

What’s New?

State-of-the-Art – Personalized Planning Area! – Plan your entire wedding on-line – The day your wedding is booked, you will receive your own private log-in for comprehensive event planning  24/7.

Plan your wedding at your own pace. We get as many details taken care ahead of time so you can relax and enjoy your personalized wedding!

State-of-the-Art – Song Request Area! – You can also listen to and add to your own on-line personal request list – now over 40,000 DJ songs! & Kevin can perform over 1000!

State-of-the-Art – Bose PA System! – The best in live sound! You won’t believe your ears! It is a beautiful  full sound but not harsh – so it’s enjoyed by all ages young & old!

You won’t find other DJs or bands using it in WNY because it’s three times the cost of traditional speakers. It’s worth it, though! Perfect for all events, but especially weddings! Pleasant sound early in the night  but it can kick later when the party is on!

State-of-the-Art – LED Lights – Great for dancing later in the night – just enough LED dance lighting  for a great, classy party  atmosphere – NOT obnoxious or over-done!

State-of-the-Art – Show! – It’s always a PARTY! – Kevin’s the best of both worlds – The  flexibility and experience of  a DJ with all excitement of a LIVE  PERFORMANCE!

“The feedback from the on-line planning area has been amazing! It’s very  comprehensive, you can access it 24/7, and you can plan your wedding at  your own pace. One of the best things about this is you get so much taken care of well in advance so you can relax so much more and truly  enjoy your wedding night that much more knowing you getting exactly what you want!”

What is Included in the Price?

Before Your Wedding

1. Online Planning – Once deposit & agreement e-mail are received, you will receive a password for your own private, state-of-the-art online wedding planning area. You can plan your details anytime, 24-7 leading right up to your wedding.

2. Personalized Planning – With the online planning, you can plan all your details, introductions, etc…and you can also search for, listen to, and add to your “cart” from over 40,000 songs!

3. 2 Hour Meeting – About a month prior to your wedding, Kevin will meet with you both in person to discuss and finalize your details. Kevin will discuss ways to further personalize your night!

4. Personalized Outline – From this meeting, Kevin will put together a personalized outline and setlist for the entire night about a week prior to your wedding which usually takes him an additional -1 to 2 hours of time on your wedding.

5. Changes – You can still make some last minute changes after this meeting, if necessary, leading right up to your wedding. Kevin is also very flexible the night of your wedding in case changes are needed.

6. Special / Unique Songs – If for some reason Kevin does not have a specific song(s) for the night, please bring a copy of it to the meeting so Kevin can prepare and enhance the song(s) for his system.

Night of Your Wedding

1. Kevin provides – Continuous Live Performance & DJ Music for the entire night with full volume control. The amount of each will depend on your requests.

2. Your personalized setlist & outline will be used with your playlist & your DO NOT PLAY list!

3. State-of-the-Art Bose PA System & state-of-the-art LED Light Show.

4. Wireless Mic for all speeches.

5. Kevin will emcee all introductions & announcements.

6. Requests – All requests handled in professional manner. Every effort will be made to first honor your key requests, then to honor guest requests depending on – if you want Kevin to take requests, if time allows for it, and if they fit within your requests for your wedding.

7. Load In & Load Out – Kevin does not charge for the additional time it takes for him to load in & out his equipment. which is on average 2 hours prior and about an hour & half after.

8. The Bose PA System Difference – Simple – it sounds incredibly better & without the harshness of traditional speakers! ( See below if interested and want more info!).

9. Ceremony – Kevin is available for the ceremony as well… the cost depends on a few factors, please contact Kevin to discuss if interested. If music &/or his wireless mic is needed for your ceremony, please let Kevin know.

10. Flow of the Night – As prepared as Kevin is, his setup gives him an incredible amount of flexibility the night of the wedding. Since each wedding he does is very different & unique, Kevin is making decisions with every single song to ensure the proper flow of the night. Kevin’s main goal is use his experience the night to play the right at the right times & make it a personalized, unique, classy, & fun PARTY!

11. Wedding Experience Tips – Kevin’s full-time, 14 year career of performing gives him the experience needed to help you with tips & suggestions he’s learned over the years to make your night that much more memorable & fun!

How Does The Process Work?

1. Book Kevin – Takes only a few minutes on-line. Click Here To Book Kevin

2. Deposit & Agreement – Once both of these are received, it locks in your date.  Booking can now be done on line in just a few minutes!

3. Log-In Password – You then receive a password for your comprehensive, private, on-line planning area with 24/7 access. You can then plan you night at your own pace and have as many details taken care of before your night so you can relax and enjoy it more!

4. Meeting –  Kevin meets with you both about a month before your wedding to go over all your details.

5. Personalized Outline – From that meeting and your on-line planning area, Kevin puts together your personalized wedding outline.

6. Your Wedding! – At your wedding, Kevin delivers a unique, personalized, fun, night for you and for all!

Order For The Night?

Every wedding is personalized and each wedding Kevin performs is unique, so there are no concrete rules on how the order of the night will go.  However, here’s a general outline to give an idea of what he does for  most weddings.

Cocktails – Live music as your guest are arriving and enjoying cocktails  automatically raises the vibe and sets the tone for the night. The music personalized to your tastes and normally upbeat, but not loud.

Introductions – He handles all MCing & music for all of your introductions & special announcements.

Dinner – DJ Music – Personalized to your tastes – in the background, not loud  so everyone can talk. Kevin Bose PA system is great for this.

Late Dinner – Change from dinner music to more upbeat DJ / Live music (not dance music). Personalized to your tastes – it’s slightly louder, but still at a volume where everyone can talk.

First Dances – Based on your requests.

Open Dance Floor– Kevin performing & DJing your requests for continuous party & dance & slow dance music all night!

Last Song – Based on your requests.

What Does Kevin Need?

He is self-sufficient and brings everything he needs for his entire show!  He only needs power, a setup area, & earliest time he can setup!

Power – Kevin only needs one regular wall-outlet to run his entire system –  with nothing else plugged into it. The Bose PA system and LED lighting  uses much less power than traditional bulky DJ equipment and band amps  etc…so one wall outlet will work fine for his entire setup.

Setup Area – Kevin can fit into a small area. If possible, at least 18ft by 10ft  space minimum is ideal. He does not need a stage, but is happy to  perform on one if it’s available.

He prefers to setup at the corner or edge of the dance floor (so there are no tables between his setup and the dance floor). He’s happy to discuss with you where the best place to setup for your specific venue.

Time – Kevin prefers to set up 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours ahead of time if  possible. However, he can setup quicker now if needed with his new  system. It usually takes 1 to 1 & 1/2  hours to break down his setup and load out.

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If you have time and want more information!

The music & entertainment for your wedding is one of the biggest decisions you will make!

In fact, this is probably the most important music decision many people  make in their whole life! That’s why there is a lot of information here! Yes, the color of the napkins is important, but not as important as you and everyone at your wedding having a great time! Choosing Kevin will  not only make your wedding unique and fun, but you will hard pressed to  find any one who will work harder to make your wedding a memorable night for all!

Whether you choose Kevin or not, we hope this information helps in your  decision to find the best music and entertainment for your wedding.  Here’s some important info that might help…

1. It’s Your Wedding! – The first thing that Kevin discusses with all couples is that it is your wedding, he will tailor the night completely to your tastes.

2. Goals – His goal is to prepare as much as possible ahead of time so couples can relax and enjoy their wedding! Then, the night of your wedding, deliver a unique and memorable night of  music and entertainment enjoyed by all guests – young and old.

3. Approach – His approach is to make the full night of music seamless, appropriate,  unique, and different. He combines your requests, tastes, and style with his experience and unique, entertaining show and delivers a fun,  memorable night for all.

4. It’s Your Wedding – Part 2– Believe it or not, many DJs / Bands won’t play exactly what you want – they  think they know better because they are the so-called “expert”. Last I  checked, it was your wedding and you decided who is coming. You know  what you and your families and friends like. Kevin meets with the  couples ahead of time to talk through their ideas and then personalize  each wedding he does. Did you know that  most DJs / Bands don’t even  meet with the couple ahead of time!  That’s why you get a lot of weddings where the DJ / Bands rely on the same old music over-played at every wedding! Also, some bands won’t play music in between their sets!

Kevin will meet with couples ahead of time and talk about all aspects of the  night. He will play what you want and will also talk through some  suggestions that he has learned over the years that “work” depending on  the situation. He will come up with a personalized setlist based on YOUR tastes for continuous, seamless music for the whole night!

5. Standard Wedding “Cheese” – Over the years, Kevin has learned that to many couples – what they DON’T want played at their wedding is just as – if not more important than what they DO want played at their wedding! Many couples who come to him for their wedding want something  different. They don’t want the same old “cheese” heard at every  wedding. A few of the standard wedding songs do work as long as that  “cheese” is “sprinkled” in at certain times, but he always works to  find those songs that most people like but maybe aren’t played as much. Think about what you want AND don’t want at your wedding and discuss with Kevin when you meet.

6. It’s all about the FLOW – FLOW is VERY important to the success of a wedding. Anyone can play songs – playing the right song at the right time is the key! Kevin is constantly making decisions during each song & does his very best to play the right song at the right time all night.

7. Fun – Kevin wants every who attends your wedding to have a blast, young and old. Of course, there are no guarantees. How much fun a wedding is depends on a number of factors including the people you have invited. However, he has learned some “tricks” over the years that will help get everyone going and keep the party throughout the night. He will discuss these things he’s learned over the years when he meets with the couple.

8. Kevin Compared to a DJ, or a Band – Many people feel Kevin is the best of both worlds – excitement and  interaction of a live band (and yet less expensive!) with the  flexibility and volume control of a DJ…click here for more details on  why Kevin is often a better choice than a band or a DJ… EXPLAIN KEVIN’S SHOWS!

9. WHO ARE YOU GETTING? – Many DJ companies are eager to sign you up and then assign and send an  available “part-time” DJ to your wedding. You may not know until you  show up for your wedding who your DJ will be and you have no idea how  much experience or knowledge you DJ has! Most will not meet with you ahead of time. They think they know better and they try to rely on the same songs played at every wedding read this post here. You end up with a sub-par,  forgettable, boring wedding that is like every other with this type of  DJ.

When you work with Kevin, it’s Kevin that you’re getting! Kevin is a  full-time entertainer & he with meet you ahead of time and go over  all details on how to make your wedding a blast.

Kevin has learned many “tricks & tips” over the years to make sure  everyone has a great time & to help you relax and enjoy your  wedding. The biggest thing is knowing you will be getting exactly what you want and the details are discussed weeks in advance.

10. Types of Weddings – Kevin has played a huge variety of different types of weddings…backyard party weddingsa 4-day wedding cruise in the Bahamas, formal weddings, country club weddings,  Irish themed and other ethnic weddings, picnic-type wedding, 80’s music  wedding, dance-theme weddings – you name it, he’s probably played it!

No matter your theme or vision for you wedding, Kevin will work right with you as personalizes each wedding for the couples he works with.

11. Day of Wedding – Day of wedding usually involves 10-12 hours of time. Load in usually 1 – 2 hours before start time & do full sound check. Full PA and lights provided and loaded in & out – including the state-of-the-art Bose  PA system for extra clarity and increased sound quality

12. BACKUPS! – Kevin has backups of EVERYTHING – PA system, computers, music,  microphones, etc. ON-HAND at your wedding! Kevin has all of this on-hand in case of a problem. This is your big day and he doesn’t want to take a chance that you won’t have music because something breaks!..If you are considering another band or DJ, ask them if they bring a backup PA, computers, music etc. to your wedding – in case a speaker or power amp  breaks or water is spilled on their stuff…you will find very few  others that have backups of everything on hand.

13. Continuous Music – Weddings usually last 4-8 hours – “I can provide continuous music for cocktails, introductions, dinner,  specific dances, and dancing for the night. Playing the right song at  the right time for each event is the key and literally during every song I am making decisions on what the next song(s) should be. Also, the amount I play / DJ is different for every event depending on what you  are looking for!”.

14Always Professional – professionally dressed, and courteous in handling requests and problems that may arise. Kevin has played at almost every country club, reception hall, etc. in Western New York without incident.

A Note From Kevin

“Thanks so much for considering me! I will do all I can to make your wedding to very best it can be!

What people really like about my approach to weddings is that I am very thorough, work hard to personalize each event I do, and do all I can to  make it unique and fun.

Also, people like the fact that I bring both the benefits of a band and a DJ.

The biggest challenge at weddings is – out of all the shows I do – it’s the widest range of people, age, music tastes, etc… it’s not easy to make everyone happy, but there are specific things I’ve learned —-  “tricks” I’ve developed along the way —- to make it fun for those young and old and of various music tastes.

Couples have liked the uniqueness of my show (it’s not the same old wedding!), the  prep work I do, the variety I can play, the continuous music, the fact  that they can choose what they want and don’t want, my experience, my  interaction with the crowd, etc…

Since the music  can make or break the wedding, I spend a good amount of prep time –  doing all I can to make it different & personalized – people who hire me don’t want the same-ol blah that weddings can be!

Also, I do all I can ahead of time for couples so they can enjoy the night knowing going in they are getting exactly what they want for their wedding. I do my very best to make sure its a great time for all.

This is not a part-time hobby, this is my full-time career & how I support my wife & 3 children. I’m incredibly grateful for each show & take great pride in each performance. I will do all I can to make your night amazing!

Please feel free to contact me anytime during the entire process! Thanks again!”

– Kevin



Yikes! – There’s a lot of info here, but this is big decision. With everything Kevin does for weddings, you’ll be hard press to find someone who works harder to make sure your night a blast for you, your families & friends, & all involved!